While all mediations are different, experience has taught us some general rules about what parties involved may expect during the process. For the most part, the proceedings take place in the legal offices of Ambassador Schechter or in mutually agreed upon locations outside of Harris County. In cases of international mediations, arrangements will be made to meet in a neutral location agreeable to both sides.

Following, you will find a general guideline of what may occur throughout the process.

PRIOR TO MEDIATION:  A form is sent out to the parties, enquiring as to the nature of the case. This may be one or two lines with a summary of what is claimed, copies of any expert testimony in the form of reports they wish to submit, any unusual points of law, or any specific issues they would like to bring up prior to mediation or arbitration. At this point, Ambassador Schechter studies all documents and does additional legal research and follow-up, if necessary.

MEDIATION BEGINS:  Mediations usually commence with a group meeting involving all sides. It’s typical to have opening statements, and sometimes it’s also helpful for the parties involved to actually tell each other face to face what their positions are in a manner that’s as uncontentious as possible. Frequently parties opt out of this, relying on their lawyers to make an opening statements and begin discussions.

DURING MEDIATION:  Typically the parties and their lawyers adjourn to different rooms, set up for their convenience with conference area, telephone and television. The mediator then works back and forth between the rooms as the different sides try to identify the areas of agreement and the areas of contention.

In the course of the proceedings, areas of common ground are usually agreed to and set aside. Then work begins on areas of contention. When those are resolved, the focus turns to the areas of need. The mediator tries to get recognition of those needs by the opposite parties and to figure out ways to actually resolve those needs.

MEDIATION CONCLUDES:  When all parties genuinely feel their needs have been recognized and met, the final step is to commit those terms to writing in some form and get that agreement signed by all parties.

In most cases, the mediation can be completed in the course of a day.