How do you find common ground in situations where cultures, customs, business interests and legal issues seem to keep opposing parties worlds apart? According to Ambassador Schechter, “The same principle, in my mind, applies to an international treaty or international business agreement as it does to settling a dispute between two people involved in an automobile accident. The same basic premises or guidelines need to be followed.”

The Ambassador has met Prime Ministers, presidents, business leaders as well as people from varied walks of life, and is equally at home with all. His good cheer, common sense, legal know-how, and genuine respect for people travel well and seem to help ease the divisions between opposing sides. Whether bringing together participants in local legal conflicts, closing the gaps that occur in political discussions or finding common business interests between competitors, Mr. Schechter brings to the table the down-home values of his small town Rosenberg roots plus the wisdom gained from years working with people around the city, across the country and around the globe..

Ambassador Schechter has traveled to over 70 countries and has experience which is extraordinary in dealing with the State Departments and foreign governments. He has taken part in foreign policy discussions and decisions over a two decade period, working with international agreements, nation to nation, assisting American companies that want to do business in an international environment, and has participated in organizations that direct their attention to international policy.

No matter where the mediation takes place, or who it involves, all parties can expect the same impartial treatment, skilled legal preparation and fair outcome.