Through his work in the legal profession, as a leader in community, national and international affairs and charitable groups, and through his own philanthropic endeavors, Ambassador Arthur Schechter has demonstrated throughout his life that he is a man with an uncommon knack for bringing people together.

Born in Rosenberg, Texas, Mr. Schechter attended the University of Texas where he graduated with a B.A. in the Plan II Honors Program. After attending the University of Texas Law School, where he received a Doctor of Jurisprudence, he then worked toward a Master’s Degree in Political Science at the University of Houston. His specific studies included foreign affairs in the Soviet Union, international organizations and policies of all major powers. When opportunity and interests came together, he has continued his uncommon education, attending the Jacob Baustein Leadership Institute, graduating from the Ambassadors’ Training Course given by the United States Department of State and completing specialized mediation training, while maintaining his board certification in Personal Injury Trial Law, as well as membership in the College of the State Bar of Texas.

Mr. Schechter was Associate, then Partner in the law firm of Dowman, Jones and Schechter, prior to opening his own law office in 1971. From that time through 1998, he handled or supervised approximately 15,000 cases, managed multiple offices in Texas and Louisiana and was responsible for millions of dollars per year in verdicts and settlements. In 1998 through 2001 he served as the United States Ambassador to the Bahamas. There he managed the 26th largest American diplomatic outpost in the world, helped implement a major, multi-million dollar counter-narcotics effort and greatly enhanced the economic opportunities for American companies.

Most recently, he was a shareholder in an international firm which boasts 1,500 lawyers and specializes in Fortune 500 Companies and founded the firm’s highly successful Houston Office.

On the home front here in Houston, the Ambassador is well known for his civic leadership. As Chairman of the METRO Board, he oversaw the completion of the first segment of the light rail line. He helped prepare a 20-year public transportation plan for the area, with input from thousands of area residents. He’s a “must-have” member of a host of charitable, educational, religious and philanthropic boards and has helped many organizations make the world better through worthwhile projects, successful building plans, rescue efforts and scholarships.

After 41 years, 70 countries, thousands of cases and life experiences that have benefited millions of people, rest assured Ambassador Arthur Schechter can help you find common ground.